Kingstree Commons

With four of the seven tenants occupying the center for north of ten years surviving the downturn of 2008 and the three remaining tenants being pizza, liquor and hospice, Kingstree Commons becomes a very straight forward deal. With a 25% down payment of $1,125,000, an investor can achieve a 15% yield or better.

Kingstree is available to all qualified Buyers and the Listing Agent is providing a flat $100,000 co-broker fee to any outside broker that procures the winning bidder.

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1319 North Longstreet Street
Kingstree, SC 29556


  • Anchor BI-LO
  • GLA: 49,674 ft²
  • Shop Space (≤10K/SF) Occupancy: 100%
  • Parcel Size 7.4 Acres
  • Year Built 2001
  • NOI $426,990
  • Existing Debt Delivered Free & Clear
  • Pricing: Available in Executive Summary
  • Anchor Sales Available in Offering Memorandum
  • Co-Broke Fee: $100,000
  • Launch Date March 2017
  • Offer Terms Immediately Accepting LOIs
  • Underwriting Highlights Imputed 10% Shop Vacancy Factor
    20¢ reserve


Broker Contact

Craig Katterfield  

Debt Placement

Chris Caveglia