What were you doing on April 24th, 2002? With the Internet gaining momentum, a seemingly ubiquitous domain name was created on the World Wide Web.

It’s a term that you use multiple times per week. Any individual could have obtained this domain and used it. Any regional sized company could have swooped up this virtual real estate. Any global corporation could have laid claim. When I first typed it into my search bar I knew it wouldn’t be long before my industry was going to change.

The domain? www.groceries.com.
The owner? Amazon.


Gone to Carolina in My Mind


The Facts Ma’am. Just the Facts

It happens three to four times a week when I speak with grocery-anchored owners as the conversation inevitably turns to North Carolina. After sharing what I’m about to share with you there is no strong disagreement or spirited debate, only the question, “Who do you think is going to make it?” This is not a “doom & gloom” article as there are some bright spots, but you may want to take a seat before reading on. Let’s start with the facts:

North Carolina has roughly ten million people give or take a Tar Heel or two. Serving those citizens are 1,270 grocery-anchored shopping centers which is roughly 18% of the total grocery store count in the Southeast US (not included are dollar concepts & wholesale clubs). The raw math leads you to a 7,907 person per grocery store ratio, which happens to be the lowest among Southeastern states.